In SGT PREPPER, we prepare our partners with the relevant KNOWLEDGE, practical SKILLS, appropriate EQUIPMENT, and above all the GUIDING VALUES in whatever crisis situation they may find themselves in.

Emergencies and disasters are the same in nature, but its impact differs in each community, company, and people. As such, our trainings are tailored-fit to the location, situation, culture, policies, and needs of each trainee-group.


We seriously prepare for each and every training session. We analyze your current situation, desired state, existing resources, and manifest needs.


Considering the different needs and interest of our trainees, our courses are designed to be taken in the most valuable use of one’s time.


While before COVID-19 crisis, most training are face to face, we have long been conducting training on-line. With the rapid progress of technology and availability of stable internet, we now offer courses that may be studied using mobile devices.


We go the distance to save and protect lives. We want our trainees to be able to apply to their own community life the things we teach. Towards the end of each online training session, there is an online conference with the subject matter expert to expound the topics, enlighten the trainees, and provide them guidance as they journey past the training.

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